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“WK” is for Wukan: Netizens Rebel against Censorship on Weibo

December 19, 2011


The revolt in the Chinese village Wukan has lasted for a week.  Its main roads blocked by the police, the village is cut off from food and supplies from the outside. However, villagers vow to hold their ground and refuse to talk to the authorities until they release their fellow villager Xue Jinbo’s body and the four other villagers […]

AWOL Soldiers Shot Dead: Modern-Time Bandits or Tragic Heroes?

November 14, 2011


Four People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers deserted their base in Jilin Province with a stolen rifle and 795 rounds on October 9. A few hours later, three of them were shot dead and one was captured alive. The four AWOL soldiers have been identified as the 23-year old sergeant Yang Fan and three soldiers aged […]