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A former radio host and producer with China Radio International (CRI), Jin Zhao is an independent media maker and a freelance writer who writes in Chinese and English. Her work appeared in The Nation magazine,, Blog Weekly (《博客天下》) and other print and online publications. She holds a Ph.D. in English and an M.A. in Communication from Georgia State University.

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  1. Ms Zhao,

    Perhaps you could spark a movement that would organize the unemployed
    women vets so they could
    help each other get some relief. Men vets are in the same situation while
    the infrastructure of the US is crumbling.
    Rebuilding, using military returnees, would create instant jobs for a

    In Az if the vets and teachers joined in a group, along with some of us
    oldsters, they would become the biggest voting block in the state. Someone
    needs to get them organized into a narrowly focused group.

    J Kerr

    • Thank you for reading my story on As a journalist, it’s my job to report things like these and people in need whom we as a society has not paying enough attention to. I agree with you that organizing is perhaps the only way out for disadvantaged groups of people. And believe me, people are trying. I’m writing an article about homeless civic engagement right now, and realized that the homeless, the low-income workers, the elderly and other marginalized groups should try harder and participate in voting and engage in civic practices to change things to the better FOR THEMSELVES.

    • We would like to help get the women vets organized and we also have an employment opportunity that they might be able to take advantage of. (Check out or Web Site directory of “Made in the USA” products)


  2. George Cody

    January 22, 2012

    Dear author, always appreciate more insight. I’ll try to keep up with your blog. I think I understand your fascination with “occupy…”; although this is a truly american phenomena; some of us are hoping it grows and spreads.

  3. Enjoyed many of your posts, thanks for such unique insight to satisfy my curiosity!

  4. 很开心看到你一直坚持写的英文博客,加油。现在哪呢?别忘了我们的开中文电台之约,呵呵

    • 谢谢支持哦!我现在在纽约《国家》杂志实习。中文网络电台已经要办起来啦,后来工作一忙又放下了。年底以前应该可以开播。

  5. 我时不时就过来看看你有没有新写点儿什么 坚持写呀 在纽约一切顺利哦


  6. Hui Zhao

    July 13, 2011

    再来个 “Things you don’t know about U.S.?”

  7. Great blog. I just subscribed and am looking forward to reading more here.


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