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Japanese Porn Idol Conquers China

April 3, 2012


Every time when I tell my friends in U.S. that China does not have a pornography industry–not legally at least–they appear to be shocked. It seems that the fact that Chinese does not have universal healthcare is more acceptable than that. China has banned the production, distribution, or purchase of pornography since 1949, and offenders […]

“Oh My Lady Gaga! This Is So Geilivable!”: Chinglish Entering Globish?

June 4, 2011


If you haven’t used “Oh my Lady Gaga” in your  blog or weibo, you’re definitely an “outman” in China. “Oh my Lady Gaga” is used in blogs, weibo, and online communities to express shock, surprise, hilarity, or emphasis, something like “Oh my god!” but with a lot more playfulness. The expression went viral after the hosts of […]

Sis Lotus and Sis Phoenix, National Treasures in the Age of the Internet

May 18, 2011


Name an internet sensation you know. What pops in your head might be an accidental celebrity such as Ted William, a.k.a., the “man with a golden voice,” the adorable little fat Brit baby Charlie, who, by the way, also bites, or the infamous Alexandra Wallace, a UCLA student who ranted about “Asians in the library” and stirred up a […]