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This blog is for those who are interested in China and Chinese culture. Now, I can even see some of you go, “Come on! Another blog about China? That’s exactly what the world needs.” Well, you’re right, in a sense. China is in the media all the time, for better or worse. Yet surprisingly, pervasive as media are in the U.S., I find it still difficult to get a picture of China that’s a little more than caricature. Unfortunately, American or Chinese mainstream media are very often quite inadequate or even misleading (although maybe in different directions). As someone who stands in a space between America and China, I often find myself caught in the crossfires of under-representation and misrepresentation of the Chinese society and culture in American and Chinese media. And I don’t like it a bit.

I’m not going to pose myself as an expert on China just because I’m a Chinese national, nor will I speak for the Chinese people. My only intent for this blog is to show people outside China some “other” pictures of the country, pictures with messy details, discordant colors, and inconsistent perspectives, pictures that are not seen in western media. This blog is dedicated to topics Chinese people are talking in social media, on alternative news websites, or in online communities—topics that reveal what they think, love, fear, aspire, and more. I hope you’ll enjoy them, despite or because of their messiness.

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  1. I’ve been in one of those interracial relationships for three years. If 老外 like me are attracted to Chinese gals, it’s just our body chemistry, the way other guys are attracted to blondes or redheads. Yet even my sisters say I have “yellow fever” and a few Asian friends call my dating preference a “fetish.” It’s easy to laugh this off. I’m not the only American guy who regards Chinese people as “white” because they share our Anglo-Saxon family values and have a deep appreciation for the European heritage of classical art and music. If Chinese guys were less ethnocentric they would probably find a lot of Western women attracted to them, too, and for the same reasons. This has nothing to do with Chinese nationalism, which is simply pride and patriotism in an exceptional nation. Long-term, I think 卧虎龙藏 is a better strategy.But I’m sure the webmistress will disagree.


  2. anonymouse

    December 10, 2012

    China needs to be aggressively proud of being Chinese. Even as a superpower still looks up to the west and so many women interacial relationships with non Chinese men. Fight like a lion, dont die like cowards.

    • I’m proud of my culture, but I don’t approve of nationalism, let alone “aggressive” nationalism, which is a tool of control and is dangerous. I think your perspective is extremely simplistic and skewed. And I don’t appreciate this sort of incendiary language that you use either.

  3. Please tell me why 你不知道的中国 is a better translation than 事情关于中国你不了解。


  4. Jian-zhong Zhao

    July 3, 2011

    Your blog is new, interesting and initiative. I believe that readers, Chinese and English-speakers, young and old, like it.


  5. Journalgate

    May 20, 2011

    Your blog theme caught my attention right away. As an Anglo sojourner, I don’t know (much) about China, when I consider all the topics you cover from Valentine couples to pop stars and organ transplant attitude.
    Keep it going.


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