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Foxconn’s Other Product: Human Machine

April 11, 2012


Foxconn, a Taiwanese company in South China, Apple’s largest supplier, is perhaps one of the most notorious companies in recent news. Employing 1.2 million Chinese workers and producing an estimate of 40 percent of the world’s consumer electronics, the super company is also known for its most inhuman “super exploitation” of workers. Foxconn workers’ harsh […]

How Much Do Chinese Make? The Answer Depends on Which “Chinese” You’re Looking At

January 21, 2012


To many who live outside China, Chinese seem to be getting richer in a no-less-than-eye-popping fashion. One doesn’t have to look far to be impressed by Chinese’s wealth and spending power. Almost overnight, fleets of Chinese travelers are seen on shopping sprees in boutique stores and fancy malls overseas for everything from designer handbags, clothing, shoes, […]