Posted on September 29, 2011


New York. Subway, apartment hunting, neighborhood grocery stores, Chinese restaurants, littered backstreets, and people, a lot of them, walking, hurrying, jaywalking, heading somewhere, carrying bags… all these reminds me of Beijing, a city where I lived for seven years. All big cities share some common craziness.

The Nation has kept me busy and my life has been a bit too exciting lately, but I haven’t forgotten this blog. In fact, I’m working on a piece on the prospect of abolishing death penalty on China, in the wake of Troy Davis’s execution in Georgia last week. I lived in Atlanta for seven years, and always have felt somewhat personal about this case. Anther story coming up will be the recent riot due to land issues in Lufeng in Guangdong and Chinese’s emotional and perhaps political reaction to the increasingly large gap between rich and poor. I am going to be on Al Jazeera English’s The Stream this afternoon 3:30 pm (EST) and talk about the issue of the rich and poor disparity in China. You can watch it online here if you’re free.

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