5.20, “Wo Ai Ni”: Netizens “Getting Married” Online on Web Valentine’s Day

Posted on May 20, 2011


In Chinese, the pronunciation of “520” sounds like “wo ai ni” or “I love you.” That’s why netizens in China chose May 20th as the unofficial Web Valentine’s Day. This morning, on Sina Microblog, or Sina Weibo, more than a million netizens are getting married on Sina Weibo‘s marriage registration page. The page banner reads:

Virgin boys and girls, let’s have a surprise wedding~ Have a relationship with marriage as its goal. You dare love me as long as the sky lasts, and I’ll dare love you as long as the earth exists.

Currently, #微博结婚证#, or “microblogging marriage certificate,” ranks the 5th on the Hot Topics of the Hour list on Sina Weibo. “Let’s do it!,” many reposted. Do you have a sweetheart in mind?

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